How to get rid of Eye Floaters


Eye floaters are generally just bothersome, but they can become an issue if they start to cause serious obstruction of sight or are associated with sudden pain and flashing. This may be an indication that you have a retinal detachment and that requires immediate medical attention.

Other than that, some people have found floaters so bothersome that it drives them to seek medical attention. Eye floaters drifting across your vision while driving can cause a serious accident. The intensity of the discomfort they cause differs from one individual to the next.

Can Eye Floaters be Treated?

Can Eye Floaters be TreatedConventional medicine offers a few treatment options, but do not offer any permanent solutions. People who simply find eye floaters to be annoying are not recommended for any medical procedure, but those whose vision becomes seriously affected are recommended for surgery.

For some people, the floaters become so dense and numerous that their eye doctors recommend they do either a Vitrectomy or a Laser Vitreolysis. Both are surgeries and can have serious side effects.

Treatment Options


Vitreolysis and involves the actual removal of the gel-like substance in the eye (the vitreous) to have it replaced with a synthetic salt solution. For the Laser surgery, the ophthalmologist will use a laser to burn away each floater. Neither method has proven to be safe or effective. Patients have developed post surgery infection that has threatened their vision, and the floaters sometimes return with a greater intensity.

The high risk of complications and possible failure of the procedures cause most eye surgeons to shy away from recommending them unless the patient’s case is really serious. Patients who undergo these eye surgeries may end up suffering from complications such as cataract, retinal tear and retinal detachment.

Herbal Treatments

Some people claimed to find a cure in some herbal products but this too has not been supported by any clinical findings.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins A and C along with Taurine and Bilberry have been associated with good eye health. They are recommended as good vitamins and supplements to take when suffering from eye floaters.

Alternative Treatment

There are several alternative treatment options that people can try and see if it works for them. One such method is Daniel Brown’s “Eye Floaters No More” which is a step by step system that is done from the comfort of your home.

As was mentioned before eye floaters are usually more annoying than they are harmful, but there are times when they can be a cause of concern. If you experience a sudden onset of multiple floaters and flashes, possibly with some pain, seek immediate medical attention.

Approximately 70% of us have had a run in with floaters at one point or another. They come with age, but for many they improve over time as well. They become a cause for medical concern if there is a large floater that seriously interferes with one’s vision.


FlashesFloaters are sometimes accompanied by flashes of light that may appear in different formats. For some people flashes may seem like streaks of lightening that quickly enter their field of vision and then disappear.

You may even liken flashes to those cartoon characters (Tom and Jerry etc.) that is hit on the head and starts seeing stars. To others they appear like jagged lines of flashing lights or heat wave. Flashes mainly appear or rather become noticeable when you are in a dark room or staring into the dark night.

People who suffer from migraine headaches may be very familiar with the two last types of flashes (jagged lines and heat wave). They can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes and are usually associated with migraines.

What Cause Flashes

When there is a pulling away of the vitreous from the back of the eye we get floaters and flashes. This pulling away is known as posterior vitreous detachment. It most commonly occurs in people who had an injury to the eye, is nearsighted, had an inflammation/swelling inside the eye or have undergone eye treatments such as:

Cataract operations

YAG laser surgery

YAG laser surgery

Eye floaters and flashes are generally harmless and produce nothing but the level of annoyance we have to endure when they show up. They can however become a cause for concern to the point of requiring emergency medical attention if they appear suddenly.

Two symptoms that should become cause for immediate concern are the sudden appearance of a shower of floaters accompanied by pain, pain and/or multiple spots with flashes.

When Flashes and Floaters Become a cause of Concern

A sudden onset of floaters and flashes may be an indication of a much more serious eye problem. It may be an indication that a retinal tear or retinal detachment has occurred. This requires the immediate attention of an ophthalmologist and is especially so if:

  • You are over 45 years of age
  • Suffer from extensive nearsightedness
  • Received some form of eye of head injury
  • Notice a sudden increase in the size of the floaters
  • Notice the appearance of a shadow/curtain in your peripheral/side vision
  • Experience a sudden decrease in your vision

If there is a tear in the retina, blood may enter the eye and present as new floaters. These will appear as dark spots. Seek medical right away if you experience any sudden changes in your vision.

Eye Floaters And Dieting

Not everyone understands that eye floaters can be prevented and treated just by eating proper balanced diet. It doesn’t only help to prevent eye floaters, it also stops an escalation of the condition. It is in fact very natural and safe, which doesn’t cause any side effect.

What you eat affects you in so many different ways, and eating the right way can help you prevent a lot of problems. Proper diet can also help you overcome some physical disorders including eye floaters.

Increase in age is one of the most common causes of eye floaters. The vitreous humour undergoes some changes in terms of fluidity as we grow older. However, with proper nutrition the damage caused by these damages can be prevented. What is important is to prevent inflammation and damage due to the presence of free radicals. Foods rich in omega3 fatty acids have great anti-inflammatory property.

How to Cure Eye Floaters

Other alternatives or options will be to consider diets rich in fruits and vegetables. These are definitely good sources of anti-oxidants that help in protecting the body from damages caused by free radicals. Two very important anti-oxidant like lutein and zeaxabthin offer protection to for the eyes.Vitamin A- foods like carrots, kale, broccoli, liver, and pumpkin are very important for maintaining a healthy vision.Vitamin D, C, and E- foods such as broccoli, citrus fruits, and kiwifruits are some of the best ways to prevent eye floaters.Vitamin D- vitamin D helps to prevent the degeneration of the vitreous humour. Lots of vitamin D can be found in egg yolk and liver.Vitamin E- foods rich in vitamin E such as avocados, nuts, and oil are very good when it comes to preventing eye floaters.

Finally it is important to know that proper nutrition is not only an ideal way to prevent eye floaters, it is also good for your well-being generally.

How to Cure Eye Floaters

eye-floatersResearch on a cure for eye floaters will largely yield results that indicate that eye floaters will become less bothersome overtime, but they will not go away altogether. Medical information suggests that the floaters will decrease in size and some will dissolve over time. Eye floaters that remain within the eye may shift their position so that the light entering the eye no longer fall on them and cast a shadow on the retina.

It is also said that floaters will sink to the bottom of the eye and out of the way of the light rays so that here again there are no shadow effects. Another explanation that is offered about the presence of floaters in the eye is that overtime the nerves in the brain will adapt to the presence of the floaters and will start ignoring them.

Treating Eye Floaters with Medicine

As it stands, there are no clinically proven medicines that are used for curing eye floaters. There have been testimonies of some people successfully using products that contain iodine, herbs and vitamins. Eye drops and oral medications do not have such an effect on eye floaters.

Treatment with Surgery

There are two very scary surgical procedures that are offered by the medical community. One is known as Vitrectomy and involves removing the vitreous (the gel-like substance in the eye) and replacing it with a synthetic solution. The other is known as Laser Vitreolysis and involves the use of a laser to burn each floater.

Not only are these methods scary, but they are also pretty costly. How many people would really be willing to take such a risk? The expense and complications associated with these surgeries are enough to keep most potential patients at bay.

Are Eye Floaters Really a Life Partner?

The solutions offered by conventional medicine are that we will either have to risk it or live with it. As far as that aspect of medicine is concerned we can choose to live with eye floaters and allow them to simply become less bothersome over time or we can try to remove the “problematic” vitreous or blast the floaters with a laser. Those solutions are by no means promising.

Alternative Treatment

Contrary to what has been said, some doctors have traditionally led their patients to believe, eye floaters can go away. The amazing thing is that this can be done without surgery. There are alternative methods that can be applied from within the comfort of our homes. These methods are effective, inexpensive and do not place any extra stress on your body.


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