Natural Psoriasis Remedies

If you’re suffering from psoriasis I’m glad that that you found this site. What you are about to read is my uncensored story of how I overcame psoriasis and finally managed to put this terrible condition behind me. It will include the story of how I managed to find a new psoriasis treatmentthat finally worked for me and cleared this problem from my life.You can click here to see how I finally overcame this problem.

Psoriasis was always a hugh issue for me. As far back as my first days in school I was painfully aware of how my skin was different to everybody else’s, in that it was covered in painful psoriasis scales and I looked different to the other girls. Things were hard, even from this age, as I would frequently be bullied and singled out by the meaner kids for abuse. Although it was hard for me, I did manage to get through, but it knocked my confidence and I would always be very aware of the psoriasis on my skin and how I looked.

When I got into my twenties things got a little better for me, but I still was plagued by painful itchy scales and I hated any times when I would have to take my clothes off, and would be really self conscious with my boyfriends. Around this time I became really desperate and became determined to find a psoriasis treatment that could change things for me in my life.

From the time I was child my mother had tried one psoriasis solution after another in effort to improve my skin. I had been to all manner of healers, acupuncturists, kenesiologists etc, and had tried every new psoriasis treatment option going. I had been in light boxes, tried a lot of different psoriasis creams and psoriasis solutions over the years, but nothing seemed to work long term and I had become very sceptical of what was on offer out there.

The one thing that I did find helpful at these times was various forums, where I picked up valuable info from other sufferers on various psoriasis help options that were out there that had helped my fellow sufferers. I was feeling particularly bad one day when I noticed that a number of forum members had had good success with a product called psoriasis free for life where you are shown how to cure psoriasis easily in just three days . I was very sceptical at first but after reading more and more testimonials and seeing how powerful the pictures were of people who had benefited from the treatment, I decided to give it a go.

What followed was in the next few days was a cause of both shock and amazement for me. After years of suffering with psoriasis, and after trying what I thought was every psoriasis treatment out there, I started to notice a difference in my skin, in that the redness started to fade and it became less itchy. I had tried other psoriasis remedies before, but this time the results were more profound and were lasting longer than a few days. As the weeks past, the redness faded more and more until I was clearer than I had been in years. No other psoriasis remedy had produced a result like this over the years.

I think the reason why psoriasis free for life worked for me, and why I liked it so much was that it tackled the root my condition and worked on healing me from the inside out. On the down side, I found it a little hard to get through at times, as it was quite a long e-book.

I’m happy to say that today I’m pretty much psoriasis free, apart for the odd small flare up when I’m really stressed about something. But the flare ups are nothing like before and only last a day or so. By following the methods and advice outlined in the book, I’m usually  back on track again in no time. Life has transformed for me in the last year and it’s just so great to be free from this condition.  I never realised the exstent to which psoriasis affected my life until I was actually free from it.

Looking for new psoriasis treatment options can be really exhausting do I wanted to provide you with some psoriasis cure options tha tyou could use Today to help you with this problem.

The following ideas could be used to help you if you are struggling with this problem at the moment. Check them out for yourself and see how you get on.

1) check out your emotions
I believe that every physical problem that we deal with has a pshyco emotional cause behind the problem. It has been suggested that psoriasis is representative of emotions that you may be denying in your life at the moment. Ask yourself if there is an emotion that you would rather not feel in your life or osmeemotions that you do not want to face. You nay be suprised at the answers that you get.

2) Stop the itching
No matter what new psoriasis treatment that you try you will need to stop itching if you want to help you psoriasis problem. Itching just makes the problem worse and spreads the psoriasis all over your skin. So quit the itching Today.

3) Diet and food
I always found athat alcohol and sugar were really bad for me when I was trying to help myself with this problem. Cutting down on the booze and cutting out the sugasr really helped me when I was trying clear my pshoriasis promlem.

If you have suffered with the pain and embarrassment of psoriasis you may be interested in the following post. I have had psoriasis for a number of years and have tried a number of new psoriasis treatment ideas to overcome the problem. The psoriasis answers below are some of the natural things that I tried over the years to overcome the problem.

1)      Psoriasis diet tips

As with many conditions that afflict us psoriasis may not necessarily have been caused by a poor diet but it certainly can be helped by adhering to dietary restriction. When it comes to tackling this problem the standard psoriasis treatment in diet terms seems to centre on cutting out foods that cause an inflamation response in the body such as dairy products and sugars. These foods are connected with leaky gut syndrome and can lead to inflammatory responses in the body of which psoriasis is a symptom of. This is a relatively new psoriasis treatment idea but there is a lot of evidence to support the connection between diet and psoriasis.

2)      Stress levels

One of the biggest problems for psoriasis sufferers is that it can really bad during times of stress and anxiety. This was certainly strewed for me in that the skin would just erupt when I was worried or stressed about something. One of the best forms of psoriasis help came in the form of relaxation exercises that helped me to reduce worry and anxiety and get some peace and balance back into my life. The good news is that if you are suffering with stress at the moment there are a great many things that you can do to try to reduce the levels of it in your life and hereby relax the psoriasis problem. I found that clearing my space and becoming more organised was a great help when it came to an effective psoriasis treatment as well as taking time everyday to relax and focus inwards on what was happening for me internally. There are many other stress reduction exercises and actions you can take that can be a great source of psoriasis help in your life.

3)      Getting to the root cause

Like everything that we experience in life that pains us on a physical level, there can be a root causal factor driving the condition in our psyche. In my experience there was an emotional issue that was aggravating my psoriasis and making it worse. Although it was not a psoriasis cure in itself,  I found that learning about any suppressed emotions that I was carrying around inside me was really helpful when I was trying to clear psoriasis. If you’re interested in treating psoriasis from the emotional perspective take a moment and ask yourself what emotion you may be avoiding in life. Take a second and see what answer comes to mind. It’s quite possible that this emotion is behind the psoriasis problem. If you decide to simply let that emotion be there you might find the psoriasis condition abating somewhat in your life.

What I have done is to put together some of the more alternative things that I have come across over the years that can provide psoriasis help for you.

1)      Other hand writing

This idea has been around for a long time and has focussed on solving emotional issues, but it can also be applied to physical conditions like psoriasis. It’s useful for establishing the root cause of psoriasis before starting a treatment. It works as follows. Take a pen in your dominant hand and write down a question on a piece of paper, asking what is causing the problem. In this case we will be asking the cause of your psoriasis. Then in the other hand, take the same pen and write an answer to the question you just asked. This exercise can be really great for getting to the root cause of whatever is driving your psoriasis problem. It accesses the sub-conscious directly and can produce surprising results.

 2)      Eft

Another new psoriasis treatment that you might want to try when tackling this problem is eft, or the emotional freedom technique. This is a tapping technique that you can pick up anywhere on the net, and can be used as a psoriasis treatment that can clear the root cause of the problem. Simply focus on the psoriasis problem in your mind while you tap on the points shown and you may be surprised at what comes up in your mind. This can have the effect of knocking out whatever the emotional cause of your psoriasis is.

3)      Relaxation

Because psoriasis has been shown to be intimately related to stress and can get really bad when we are feeling stressed, it makes sense to look at relaxation techniques as a possible psoriasis treatment when we are trying to heal this skin condition. More and more people are looking at this as a new psoriasis treatment, and are benefiting from the results. One of the best techniques that I have found over the years for relaxation, is to simply breath into the stress that you are feeling in the body when you are worried about something. This takes the attention away for your head, and thoughts and starts to relax the body. This experience is also very grounding and can be really helpful in your toolbox of remedies for psoriasis.

Check out some of the psoriasis treatment ideas below and see how they can make a difference to your life.

1) What the real cause?

In recent years people have become more aware of that what ails them in their physical world may simply be a reflection of what is happening below the surface in their emotional world. I don’t believe any new psoriasis treatment can work without becoming aware of any emotional issues that may be driving the problem. Louise Hay talks about psoriasis as being related to fear of being hurt or as a symptom of not taking responsibility for your own feelings. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Finding and healing the root cause from this perspective is the best place to start when we are looking for a psoriasis cure.

2) The dietary factor

There are many people out there who are talking about different dietary supplements that can be used to overcome psoriasis, but the fact is that any new treatments for psoriasis involving diet needs to take into account the connection between Candida and psoriasis. There has been an established link between psoriasis and overgrowth of Candida in the intestines, and buy cutting down on sugar it is possible to curb your psoriasis problem and lessen the symptoms. This type of psoriasis help has been in valuable to many people who are suffering with this condition.

3) Salt water solution

There is a lot talk recently about salt water solution and how it can help psoriasis sufferers with their problem. This new psoriasis treatment has worked well for a number people, and they have got relief from the process. The salt water works on the skin and exfoliates scales and dead skin improving your psoriasis condition. If you can afford to spend more on your psoriasis cure, you could even try going as far as the Dead Sea to immerse yourself in sea there, and use the mud on the beach to sooth your skin too.

4) Topical applications that work

Psoriasis help is also available in a variety of topical solutions that can really help you to calm down the condition. People have used hot baths with Epsom salts to great effect, in addition to mudpacks, cabbage leaf compresses and aloe Vera gel in an effort to ease the condition. There are also various psoriasis creams and psoriasis remedies that you can try in an effort to overcome the problem. Check them out for yourself and see how you get on.


Guttate psoriasis treatment

Guttate psoriasis treatment isn’t an easy one, especially when you’re looking for one without side effects. Before talking about the most popular form of treatment, lets have a brief look at Guttate psoriasis itself.

Guttate psoriasis is a rare form of psoriasis. It frequently follows a streptococcal infection, appears rapidly and affects the face, chest, and nearest limbs. It tends to clear up without treatment, but may repeatedly return due to recurring infections or respiratory illnesses.

Doctors will routinely prescribe antibiotics to treat the infections, which often prevents occurrences of further psoriasis outbreaks.

Common medical treatments include steroids, immunosuppressive therapies, UV treatment and retinoid compounds. Many of these carry the risk of serious side effects. Common side effects of the treatment include nausea, headaches, burning and itchiness.

Treatment Cream UVB-A Popular Guttate Psoriasis Treatment

UVB treatment uses ultraviolet B light to treat the affected area.  Another form of UVB is PUVA which stands for psoralen plus ultraviolet A light. PUVA uses ultraviolet A light in combination with medication to make the skin more sensitive to the light.

UVB radiation goes into the skin and slows down the fast growth of skin cells associated with the condition, resulting in clear skin. Studies indicate that the continued use of this treatment may help prolong remission time.

A common feature of this type of guttate psoriasis treatment  is that it must be administered on a regular basis (usually two to five times per week); it can be done in a doctor”s office or at home with a machine purchased with a doctor”s prescription.

UVB phototherapy is a good course of treatment for those with moderate to severe cases of psoriasis, those with plaque psoriasis ( Psoriasis vulgaris ), those with thin plaques, and those who are generally responsive to natural sunlight.

Guttate treatment with UVB may involve broadband or narrowband ultraviolet radiation. While narrowband radiation may be more effective, it also carries a higher risk of burn damage.

The safest guttate psoriasis treatment is by means of various creams and ointments containing coal tar, corticosteroids, salicylic acid and anthralin. Moderate sunlight is helpful and also synthetic Vitamin A may be prescribed.


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