Natural Remedies For Nasal Polyps

Natural Remedies For Nasal Polyps

If you often experience having difficulty with your breathing and are getting discomforts with clogged nose then you are at risk of having nasal polyps. A person with nasal polyps experiences great uneasiness that may interfere to his daily activities that is why it is important to visit the doctor right away.  Although there are treatments that doctor may recommend in form of surgery or nasal sprays, patients should not wrongly perceive them as permanent solutions to nasal polyps. In fact, surgery or nasal sprays may cause risks and side effects to patients.

Cause of Nasal Polyps

First of all, nasal polyps are non cancerous. Let me share you bits of information about the nasal polyps. They are being described as fleshy swellings and they can be recognized as either small or large masses of mucus with a shape like teardrops. Nasal polyps are results of tissue’s inflammation in a person’s upper airways especially in the nasal passages. The nasal polyps typically start high up in the nose and the irritations eventually get worse.  There are different factors that may cause or trigger nasal polyps.

What causes nasal polyps then? Masses of mucus may progress over time after an accident that resulted to nose deformation. Having an inborn deviated septum is another factor for the growth of mucus masses. In addition, there are allergies which may cause inflammation and irritation of the nose tissues. Other factors that may trigger the development of nasal polyps are long stay in a room with poor ventilation and living in a place with so much dust or excessive air pollutants like carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particles and sulfur dioxide.

The Problem with Nasal Polyps

suffer from nasal polyps

Let me give you a picture of what it’s like to suffer from nasal polyps by simply enumerating the disadvantages that you can get from it. The problems and discomforts from nasal polyps may range from slight soreness and occasional irritation in the nose airway to greater uneasiness and awkwardness with one’s nose. Breathing is greatly affected in a drastic way like having clogged nose and blockage of nasal passages, it forces you to take mouth breathing which is unhealthy because you do not get enough oxygen for your body.

Did you know that insufficient oxygen supply in the body has negative effects to your concentration and physical activities? Mouth breathing is considered unfavorable for your health because it weakens your defense for colds and other illnesses. More so, the nose becomes dysfunctional in filtering the air that you breathe. A person’s sleep is also interrupted whenever the nasal polyps attack.


Symptoms of Nasal Polyps

Some people mistakenly identify the symptoms of nasal polyps like breathing difficulty and stuffy nose as just a normal cold. To broaden your understanding about ways to confirm nasal polyps, below is the list of its distinctive warning signs:

  • shallow breathing
  • compensation of the body to insufficient oxygen with frequent yawning
  • constant stuffy or clogged nose
  • disrupted sleep with snoring
  • poor sense of smell
  • poor sense of taste
  • nose bleeding

Regular Treatment

Medical assistance

Medical assistance can help impede mucus growth. However, patients cannot expect that medical help can provide them with long term relief and permanent cure. The dilemma with steroids treatment is the negative effects of stopping it. When you decide using steroids, you have to use it forever because once you discontinue steroids treatment; the polyps will double its size. Another big problem with steroids is the multiple side effects to one’s health and wellness. The immune system becomes weak, visual problems arise and extreme headache can make the patient suffer with steroid treatment.

Due to some predicaments of using medical help, some patients opt for cosmetic surgery. This method involves alteration of nose’s structure. The problem with this kind of treatment is the high percentage of ineffectively. In fact, just after a week of surgery, the polyps can grow bigger. It also has risk damages to your eyes, complications to your nose wall and tissue. Leaking of brain fluid may also happen. Another dilemma about undergoing this treatment procedure is the deep scars that the surgery may leave to your nose.

Choose a Natural Holistic Solution for Nasal Polyps

Any patient would wish to have a fast, safe and effective treatment to any disease. Natural treatment option is considered the best choice for nasal polyps treatment because there would be no risks or complications. Did you know that there are specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you may include in your diet to slow down the progression of polyps? Yes it’s true and you can prevent inflammation and re-growth of polyps with the great help of making adjustments with your dietary. You can even fuel your body with sufficient energy and boost your immunity.

Always remember that healthy lifestyle absolutely plays a major role in keeping a body that can fight off any illnesses and diseases. Always remember that healthy food option in your plate is the best natural remedy.


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