Prevent and Treat Kidney Stones at home using safe and natural remedies.

If you have suffered from kidney stones in the past, you are higher risk of forming additional stones in the future. The chance of getting new stones can be up to 80 percent. It is possible to decrese the risk by taking preventive measures like making changes in your diet and lifestyle.

I put together a list of “8 ways to avoid kidney stones” that can help you to prevent kidney stones.

1. Drink lots of water every day.

Lack of fluids is one of the common reasons why people get kidney stones. Drink lots of water, it keeps you healthy and hydrated, and will help you to flush out various minerals that can form to stones.

Drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day and make it your habit.

2. Mix lemon juice with water.Lemon helps to dissolve kidney stones, also it is a good kidney stone preventer. Lemon is high in citric acid. Citric acid boost the level of citrate in urine which will reduce the crystallization of uric acid and calcium oxalate minerals in kidneys.

Take one or two lemons and squeeze the juice into glass of water and drink it straight once a day.

3. Drink orange juice.

Like lemon, orange is also rich in citric acid, and will help to prevent recurring uric acid and calcium stones. One UT Southwestern Medical Center study shows that a glass of orange juice is more beneficial than other citrus fruit juices such as lemonade.

Drink glass of orange juice each day to prevent kidney stones.

4. Eat fewer foods that are rich in oxalate content.

Foods like chocolate, nuts, beets, spinach, sweet potatoes, soy sauce, sesame seeds are high in oxalate and can cause calcium oxalate kidney stones formation.5. Limit your red meat consumption.

Meat, especially red meat are rich in animal protein. Animal protein in red meat contains high level of purines which can cause kidney stones.

People who eat regularly large quantities of red meat are more likely to form uric acid stones.

6. Don’t eat salty foods.

Eating too much salt can promote calcium kidney stone formation, because the kidneys retain the sodium in salt, and the sodium will excrete more calcium into the urine.

By reducing the amount of salt (sodium) intake, will reduce the calcium excretion into the urine.

7. Avoid refined sugar consumption.

Excessive consumption of refined sugar, including foods and drinks rich in sugars stimulates your body to release more insulin, which causes more calcium excretion into the kidneys.

8. Eat calcium rich foods.

Previously there was an understanding, that dietary rich in calcium can lead to kidney stones. New studies show that calcium rich dietary doesn’t have an effect on kidney stones. It is low level of calcium in your body, that can lead to calcium stones.Eat calcium rich foods instead of calcium supplements. Calcium supplements may increase the risk of getting kidney stones.

Dissolve calcium oxalate kidney stones naturally

If you have a calcium oxalate, or any other type of kidney stones, you probably feel a terrible sharp pains. The reason why these kidney stones cause too much pain, is because they are loose and have a razor-sharp edges. When the stone tries to pass out of the urinary tract it causes pain and damages the organ.

There are many ways to get rid of calcium oxalate kidney stones, starting with the surgery, and ending with natural treatments. Surgery is a very expensive method, but if your kidney stones are not very large, then there may have a cheaper and natural way to get rid of them.

If your kidney stones are 5 to 7mm or less, I can recommend you a good and proven natural home treatment that helped over 80% of people (including me) who tried this remedy, successfully dissolve and pass their kidney stones naturally.

Dissolve calcium oxalate kidney stones

Joe Barton, the medical researcher has written a short report on how to dissolve kidney stones naturally with Coca-Cola and asparagus. Instead of long story, he goes straight to the point, and tells you everything you need to know to get rid of kidney stones with these two ingredients.

In a nutshell, you will need to drink about 72 ounces (2 liters) Coca-Cola. After drinking the beverage, you’ll then eat previously cooked and blended green vegetable asparagus.

The beverage causes painless chemical reaction in your kidneys and in urinary tract. It begins to dissolve your kidney stones, and within 3 to 4 hours these stones turn into sludge.
After your kidney stones are dissolved, the vegetable puree flushes painlessly out of your body the small, sludge-like remnants.

The Remedy

Joe Barton shows you in his kidney stone removal report in step-by-step how you can dissolve and pass your kidney stones with coca-cola and asparagus.

Common symptoms of kidney stones

How to prevent and treat kidney stones at home using safe and natural remedies.Kidney stones are hard, crystalline materials that can lodge anywhere along in urinary tract. They can vary in sizes. Some are so small that you might not notice them, and some are too wide which causes a problem. Calcium oxalate is the most common form of kidney stones, about 80% of the total incidence. So what are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Common kidney stone symptoms in men and in women

There are no symptoms if the kidney stone is a small enough. It normally passes out of the body without notice. Kidney stone symptoms occur when the stone gets bigger, develops a sharp edges or starts to travel along in urinary tract and gets stuck.

Kidney stone symptoms in men and in women are very similar. The early symptoms of kidney stones are back pain in kidney area, abdominal area or in the groin area. The pain can be a sharp or dull. If the stone are in movement it can tear a flesh which causes a bleeding and infection. The blood can be detected through a laboratory test or if the urine contains too much of blood it may be a visible – urine is pink or reddish in color.

Another common symptoms of kidney stones include a frequent urination and burning sensation when urinating.  With infection, urine may also be a smelly and a cloudy in color. Also other signs like fever, sweating, chills or nausea and vomiting may present.

Common symptoms of kidney stones in summary

Pain in the back kidney area, abdominal or in the groin area.
Blood in urine
Frequent urination
Burning sensation when urinating
Cloudy and smelly urine



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