Quick Cold Sores Remedies

Cole Sores Caused By A Virus?

Quick Cold Sores Remedies

Herpes simplex virus 1 spreads via skin contact. It penetrates our body through very small openings in our skin. These micro openings are usually caused by various cuts and scrapes we may have from time to time. Most of the time, we will not feel any pain because technically our skin is not wounded. The small breaks in our skin will be healed naturally by our body.

The best thing we can do to prevent herpes simplex infection is by avoiding skin contact with people with active lesions of herpes simplex virus. Any liquid secreted from the infected cold sore can also infect us. Do not share your personal things such as lipstick, lip gloss, drinking glass, eating utensils, toothbrush, towels or razors with other people infected with the HSV 1 and choose wisely when you kiss someone.

Research shows that most people are infected during their childhood, usually from their parents. If we got infected by herpes simplex virus, then it will be easy to spread to our family and friends, so you need to be extra careful when you have them to ensure you wash your hands immediately after touching your cold sore.

What Does HSV1 Mean For Cold Sore Sufferers?

There are approximately 80% of American people who are infected with herpes simplex virus. Although most of these people show no symptoms, the virus itself cannot be removed and stays in their body for the rest of their life.

The cure for herpes simplex virus has not been found yet. Once we get infected, it will hide in our central nervous system and nerve cells in our skin, particularly the facial nerves. It can be awakened any time by any condition that makes our body weak and imbalanced.

These conditions can be varied, including skin irritation or trauma, menstruation, fatigue, dental procedures, alcohol drinking, too much sun exposure, pregnancy, fever, any underlying disease that compromises immune function (such as diabetes), certain medication (such as steroids, usually for asthma therapy), and prolonged stress. After the virus is awakened, then cold sores begin to manifest in our body.

Remember, currently there is still no way to medical cure the herpes simplex virus.

There are, however, many things you can do to minimize the occurrence of cold sores or prevent them from ever happening again.cold sore cause, coldsore causes, fever blister, herpes simplex virus, HSV1

Home Remedy for Cold Sores | Foods to avoid

Home Remedy for Cold Sores Foods to avoid

A healthy lifestyle helps to strengthen our immune system. A strong immune system works to ensure a healthy body that is capable of destroying foreign invaders. The foods we choose to eat play a vital role. Here are some foods you might want to avoid.

I realize that some of you will disagree with the subject matter being discussed here, but that’s OK. The goal is simply to inform anyone who cares to join in. What you do with this information is your business.

The foods being discussed here today will fit into either of two categories; clean, meaning healthy and safe and unclean, meaning unhealthy and toxic. What is considered by some to be an unclean food and why?



When I apply the term unclean to a Pig, I am not just referring to its outer appearance. There are specific reasons why many people consider swine to be unclean.

It is believed that Pigs like to wallow in the mud because it helps to keep them cool. Pigs have few sweat glands therefore they do not perspire like humans do. The fact that they do not perspire is a concern to me.

The primary reason humans perspire is to cool the body. An added benefit is the excretion of toxins and other waste products out of the body. Some of these toxins and other waste products remain in the pig’s blood stream, poisoning the animals body.

Pigs are gluttonous animals. They consume excessive amounts of food, hence the name Pig. They possess a mono-gastric digestive system, similar to humans who have a single chambered stomach. Food not digested properly or certain types of food the pig chooses to eat can poison the animals body.

It is common knowledge that Pigs do not chew the cud unlike a Cow or Sheep. Animals that chew the cud are referred to as Ruminants. Chewing the cud simply means that food is regurgitated to the mouth for a second chewing. This helps to ensure that the animal is extracting the maximum nutritional benefit from the food.


Cows are considered to be ruminants. Ruminants possess a four chambered complex stomach; one stomach with four divisions.

Cows eat grass and other vegetation. This diet is not easily digestible, nor is it very nutritious: therefore cows must consume a large amount of vegetation. This is why cows spend a considerable amount of time grazing. The cows digestive process breaks down the food completely ensuring maximum nutritional benefit.

Pigs are scavengers. They eat other scavengers like cockroaches, flies, earthworms and wasps as well as the flesh of dead animals. Their bodies are toxic and when you eat them you are ingesting those toxins. I know, you really like bacon. I do to but I eat turkey bacon. If you like pork bacon, you will like turkey bacon.

I prefer to consume the animals that “chew the cud.” They are considered to be clean and less toxic.Seafood

The oceans, and most rivers and lakes are full of creatures both great and small. Some of these creatures when eaten are beneficial to our health. They are a good source of protein consisting of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand some of these marine creatures are not so beneficial to our health, although they do taste good. The toxins that permeate their bodies are passed on to those who ingest these sea creatures

Scientist now know that fish with scales and fins are equipped with a digestive system that prevents the absorption of toxins and poisons into their flesh, even though the waters they live in are permeated with such.


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